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Why is Pagespeed important for your website?

There is a direct relation between a pages loading times and the conversion rate of its users. Just a small reduction in loading times can lead to a significant increase in conversions.

Users expect a page to load in 3 seconds or less. Slow websites cause frustration with users which leads to a higher bounce rate.

Long loading times, especially on mobile devices, cause a large amount of cognitive load similar to the stress experienced when watching a movie or solving a difficult math problem.tsteht.

Why are we the right sparring partner for your project?

Our free pagespeed report tells you where your website stands currently and helps you decide whether an optimization is necessary.

Thanks to our detailed reporting you can track your sites progress and shows how the optimizations are impacting your site.

Our extensive technical know-how allows us to analyze your website to the last detail regardless of your CMS or server architecture.

You will recieve detailed suggestions on how to optimize your websites speed covering all relevant areas of Pagespeed.

In order to guarantee an efficient and successful cooperation we rely on short communication cycles.

We support your developer with the implementation of suggested measures and are reachable at any time.

Pricing and Services



Basic pagespeed audit
Analysis of the most common problem areas
Optimization suggestions
On request


Detailed pagespeed audit
In-debth analysis of the most important landing pages
Detailed catalogue of measures
Implementation support for webmaster & developer
Final reporting
On request


Extensive pagespeed audit
In-debth analysis of the entire website
Detailed catalogue of measures
Implementation support for webmaster & developer
Periodic testing und reviews
Final reporting
Performance monitoring

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